Liberté, Maturité, Vinifié



steep terraces,
old single-storey plants
manual work
Terroir, extract, mineral


skin contact
stainless steel


wood Construction



... founded OISEAU REBELLE in 2014, after we moved from Germany completely to France within a few weeks. Vineyards found, instantly in love and off we go. Just because. Melanie and Guido with our three small children.
It was fundamentally clear from the beginning to want to work according to organic principles. Nevertheless, we did not start our certification until 2015, after we were fully utilized in 2014 with the foundation of the winery and the associated steps. So 2018 is our first organic certified year, although the decision to certify purely political motives originates. We are convinced that marketing prospects are ultimately influenced by tasting much more than labeling. Nevertheless, we are slowly opening up bio-dynamic approaches and do not allow ourselves to be deterred by the intellectual superstructure of the well-known theoreticians.Literally all our work is done by hand and in harmony with natural rhythms: Regardless of whether we bring back tons of precious soil, which were eroded before our arrival down the slope, into our plots; whether we collect individual stones in the dry riverbed for the preservation and rebuilding of our vineyard dry stone walls; whether we work on or under the plants and pull out unwanted weeds - we do everything with our hands.The only 'chemical' we use is elemental sulfur to protect our vines against powdery mildew. We do not use copper at all - we just cut out the amount of downy mildew that affects the vines. That's all.The crops are done with a team of up to 40 people, the grapes are only read during the cooler morning hours. They are brought directly to our cellar, where we spend the rest of the day picking them berry by berry (sic!), Then stewing them bare-footed, then fermenting spontaneously and then for many months - for some wines up to three years - to macerate, partly without tapping. The wines are essentially moved by gravity and NOTHING is added to them (also no sulfur) until they are bottled - WITHOUT pressing - by gravity.We have chosen a packaging that seems quite elaborate, but absolutely functional: The bottles are black frosted to protect the wines from UV radiation; our corks are 100% natural but GUARANTEED error free (TCA, ...) as each one was analyzed by gas chromatography.Our wines are outstanding and unique - even in the small niche of the so-called 'nature wines'. For us they are the liquid extract of what surrounds us: a ravishingly extraordinary terroir.For more details and to really understand, just continue tasting!

Guido & Melanie Hube

Melanie & Guido HUBE
7, Rue Jules Ferry
66650 Banyuls sur mer


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